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Recoat Test at 300C High Temperature for High Power Laser
2021-09-26 00:28:58
첨부파일 210925_High Power Laser Recoating 300C Test.pdf (710.3 KB)

SH-370HT & SH-373HT are formulated for high temperature operation 

SH-370HT & SH-373HT have the highest decomposition temperature of 370°C in the world. These low refractive index are used in slicing and recoating of active fibers for high power fiber laser application. Proof tests have been conducted at 300°C.


Temperature Ramp Test

?Test was run from 100°C to 300+°C. Temperature was increased in increments of 25°C, heating fiber assembly for 10 minutes, removing to test, and letting cool for 5 minutes before increasing heat for the next step.


Temperature Cycle Test 

Assembly was heated to 275°C for 5 minutes, removed for testing, let sit for 1 minute, and reinserted for heating. Test was done with furnace set to 275°C, as it tends to overshoot by as much as 20°C and overheating (+300°C) of the fiber was not desired.




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